XML Incorporation Examples Corporate and LLP

I was wondering if anybody can assist me.

I have found an XML [example][1] on the Alpha Schema page showing what PSC information should be sent in the XML when submitting an incorporation to Companies House.

However the example is for an individual. Are there any XML examples for the following:

  • Corporate Entity acting as a PSC on incorporation
  • LLP member acting as a PSC on incorporation

[1]: http://xmlalpha.companieshouse.gov.uk/examples/IncorporationWithPSCAndRegisters.xml

The PSC filing as part of the incorporation is based on the PSC Base Type schema.

There are also examples on the alphas schema page for PSC02 and PSC03 as well as their LLP equivalents. These should map on to the PSC detail you might need to include as part of an appropriate incorporation.


Nigel Preece

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