XML response from approved Incorporation missing element?

We’ve had some incorporation requests using the beta gateway approved but the XML response seems to be missing an IncorporationDetails element and thus causing errors in our system when this is being processed.

We’re expecting the response to contain the IncorporationDate, AuthenticationCode and DocRequestKey elements but these are not present in the response, is this to be expected in live or are these missing simply because it’s a test submission?

Is there any word on this? Like the example above, we too were expecting the IncorporationDetails element to be present in the GetSubmissionStatus response after our Incorporation request was accepted by CH.

We haven’t changed the get submission status process so I would expect the response to contain the same elements as currently in live.

I will try one myself and post the response.

I assume your submission hasn’t been processed and accepted anyway?

Nigel Preece

I thought it might be helpful to add some XML for clarity.

This is from our live system (anonymised)


From the beta gateway (anonymised):

            <Telephone>Fred Blogs</Telephone>
            <Comment>Admin Accepted:</Comment>

As you can see, the live system returns an IncorporationDetails element that we then use to get document information and store the actual incorporation date. Because that’s not present on the response from the beta gateway our system is raising an error.

I presume this is because the Incorporation had to be manually accepted on the beta gateway, however we wanted to check that this wouldn’t happen on live when the schemas update?

If it won’t change on live is there any way to get responses passed back with the IncorporationDetails element?

Apologies for delay there is a bug, which is currently being tested and the developer will let you know as soon as it has been released - thanks

Do you have an update on this issue as we are keen to progress our testing around this.


We just updated the inc schema on beta to include the correct base types and also ensure the correct response is returned when your inc is accepted.

If you wish to test this please communicate with @snicholas as normal.


Nigel Preece

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for this.

Yes, the missing elements are now being returned in the response.

Can we assume that this was a ‘one-off’ issue on XMLBETA, and no change is required to be rolled out onto XMLGW, i.e. the ‘Live’ site which may already have the fix?

Many thanks

@clo Yes, that’s a correct assumption. We’d introduced a bug, now resolved. Thanks to your (and others) help in ensuring it was sorted.

Nigel Preece

I’ve had a similar issue on XMLGW with a test submission.
In the GetSubmissionStatus response I’m not getting an IncorporationDetails element for an accepted submission.
Is this still an issue?

Thanks I will ask support to look into it for you.

Hi, did anyone get looking into this yet?
I can send on more info if required.

Apologies I have chased up our support team who are investigating today for you.

Sorry for the delay in our response. Can you email the full xml request and response to snicholas@companieshouse.gov.uk