XML SCHEMAS - "Care Of" field - Important Information

Companies House has made a minor change to the way it stores addresses on the register.

The XML schema field which stores “care-of” information will no longer be used for new addresses and any “care-of” information is now being stored in the ”normal” address lines (usually in the premise field).

To avoid developers having to change their systems, Companies House has decided not to remove the field from relevant schemas, but to request customers to avoid using this field instead. This will have the same desired effect but without the effort and cost of a schema change.

We hope you agree with this solution and will comply with our request to avoid sending any data in “careofname” in the “ChangeRegisteredOfficeAddress” and “SAILAddress” elements of the schema. If you need to provide “care-of” address information, please use the remaining standard address lines but preferably the “Premise” field.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.